Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

2016 is shaping up to be a hugely exciting year for royall, and as we look into new areas of development (Digital and Employer Brands), it makes me feel extremely proud of where we started, what we have achieved and where we are heading.

Yes, difficult times happen to the best of us but I find that the only way to deal with change is to dive in and dance with it…

…and this is exactly what we have done at royall. We smashed through the ‘start-up’ phase, are now in the ‘challenger field’ and my goal is to take royall to a ‘standalone premier agency’ position, one that offers an all-encompassing recruitment, employer brand & employee value propositioning service that is fully integrated and digitally & socially advanced.

To do this, I’ve cooked up a few Golden Rules to live by:

  1. Always do the most difficult thing first
  2. Be realistic – sometimes my expectations aren’t (and I am learning how to manage this!)
  3. Remember: not everyone has the same view or energy as you (if it’s your business you need to recognise this even more so)
  4. Have values but don’t be naïve to think they will always be lived openly by staff – just encourage them to talk to you more and remind them often to do so
  5. Find out people’s weakness, talk about them and help them, if you can’t work with them find someone who can
  6. Realise your weaknesses and find these areas in other peoples’ strengths
  7. Never be afraid to recruit, work with, and empower brilliance
  8. Never forget: your people are your brand
  9. Set goals and targets for this year. What is your 20/20 vision, how will you create a shared vision and empower your team to get you there together
  10. Be a radiator in the workplace – not a drain. Give light, energy and warmth.
  11. Always be honest
  12. Be the engine of your business and always put yourself in a position where you are the real driving force – without being a back seat driver

What are your rules of employee engagement?

Hannah Farrands

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