A message from The Founder

A message from The Founder

“What an incredible half of the year! Exciting development plans within Royall, a new house to celebrate and most of all happiness and health within my family. With a truly great balance, I am afforded the time to reflect on my purpose.  To inspire; improve confidence, choice, connectivity, and engagement within my community – lifting the human spirit”.

What is the purpose of business however? The answer to that question has changed. For decades, most business leaders would say their corporate mission was to maximise profits for shareholders and owners. That was the primary success metric for businesses across the UK and beyond. Today, the answer most commonly is that the ultimate purpose of an organisation is to yes to do great business, but to serve society and to make the world a better place.

Artificial intelligence, we’re advised could replace all sorts of jobs, however I am confident the human dimension will always need to be retained.  Increasingly our much-loved client partners are recognising that employees are looking for a ‘way of life’ in return for delivery of high expectations. Now is a really good time to take a step back and ask ourselves what is the true purpose of and indeed as individuals the why behind what we do?


Jenny Royall


Jade Rideout

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