Game of Thrones presents…’Recruitment’.

Game of Thrones presents…’Recruitment’.

An article published recently on LinkedIn called ‘7 Ruthless Recruiting Lessons from Game of Thrones’ caught my eye. It was written by Gregory Lewis – A Senior Copywriter & Content Strategist at MarketSmiths – who’s unusual but brilliant take on recruitment tactics really shakes up the norm.


Here are his 7 tips:

  1. Boomerang employees can bring back immense value.

  2. One bad hire can kill your workplace culture.

  3. A purpose-driven employer brand attracts loyal recruits.

  4. Mentorship elevates powerful women to leadership positions.

  5. Don’t be afraid to give a chance to the candidates with a chequered past.

  6. Embrace a multi-generational workplace.

  7. Hire for skills, not for pedigree.

To see the full article, click here.

Jade Rideout

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