Productivity. How much can you achieve in 24 hours?

Productivity. How much can you achieve in 24 hours?

I don’t know how many people would agree with me on this, but does anyone else think we could do with an extra 2-4 hours a day to get more achieved?

An article was recently published on LinkedIn that caught my eye. It was written by Emily Grace, a writer for Thrive Global , titled ’10 Things to do on a daily basis to maximise your productivity’. Thrive Global,  founded by the legendary Arianna Huffington (formerly of the Huffington Post) is a professional training and coaching platform to end the ‘stress & burnout epidemic’ of the 21st Century.

Emily’s 10 steps are:

  1. Plan (realistically)

  2. Chunk your tasks

  3. Take breaks

  4. Consider the “”unproductive”” things productive

  5. Leave your phone far, far away

  6. Choose your environment intentionally and carefully

  7. Set a timer

  8. Go public with it

  9. Stop multi-tasking

  10. Set work hours

This is a fantastic article that I had to share with you!. I am such a passionate believer in being organised and productive, especially in the fast pace world we live in where the need to be ‘live streaming’ or constantly updating social media is at it’s highest yet. Once we learn how to properly utilise our waking hours, we will accomplish more and sleep better knowing we have done so.

Why not give Emily’s 10 steps a go and see how much you can get done.”

Jade Rideout

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