Apprentices are Tomorrow’s Leaders

Apprentices are Tomorrow’s Leaders

Talent management is an issue that affects us all and it doesn’t just include your mid-level to senior staff.  Do you use interns? If so it sounds like you may already be interested in developing the next generation of new talent in our industry. We do not refer to these brilliant humans as ‘Junior’, but as ‘Tomorrow’s Leaders’.  


Have you heard about the new Event Assistant apprenticeship programme?  We can help!


Does your talent pipeline include entry level Event Assistant staff?

Do you have relatively new existing staff who would benefit from a formal training programme? As an ‘Apprentice’ can be anyone, as long as they are a permanent member of staff.


I am thrilled to say one of our much-loved, loyal clients drp are leading the way with hiring their first apprentice, see the full article here:


Our bespoke event apprenticeship programme is the only one written by the industry for the industry and the headlines are as follows:

  •  All training will be delivered by industry experts and is hands-on and practical
  • The training programme is a combination of workplace learning, online and workshop learning
  • The apprentice must be a full-time employee, not a freelancer, and is for 18 months
  • They must be treated like all other employees and included in performance reviews, team meetings and ultimately client meetings.
  • The programme requires 20% of their time to be off the job learning
  • The programme is OFSTED inspected, just like your local school to ensure quality of training


Royall Development is working hard on a continuous people development continuum of career advice, skills, and knowledge development to leadership management. Whether it’s your first leap from education to the world of work or your desire to self-improve, we can help with:


  • Career Advice
  • Skill gap analysis
  • Career Path Development
  • Training Provision
  • Coaching
  • Skill Resource Provision


Please let me know if I can help or advise in any way.

Jenny Royall,


Jade Rideout

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