royall People

Search & Selection/Head-Hunting

Our life blood and the beating heart of our business, we know how to attract, engage, nurture and retain high performing talent for the right employer of choice within the Live Communications industry, and we sustain proactive human engagement with industry leaders and premier talent to create new opportunity for Human Fit.

Weaving new technologies and digital methodologies into both our operating DNA and our client’s; whilst valuing, retaining and embracing the human dimension.

Valuing ethics, integrity and the right behaviours above speed and sales. Taking the necessary time to demonstrate the most effective cause of engagement and connection between both client and talent.

Jenny Royall, Founder

“Most people go to work with energy they do not use. Human Fit is not a list of experience, skills or even education, that you have gathered in your life …it’s an energy force that will drive your business forward. All of what you read has been written by royall, and not copywriters or brand strategists because it comes from the heart and not a brief.”